March 16, 2018

Ninjababes #7: Interview with Maura Sherman

Ninjababes #7: Interview with Maura Sherman

Ninja For a Cure, Mental Focus, and Manicures

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Maura Sherman, together with her boyfriend Henry Ferrarin, founded the nonprofit Ninja for a Cure.  The new Ninja for a Cure 2.0 shirts are out! Make sure you pick up a new one and post your video! Ninja for a Cure donates $15 for every shirt sold and an additional $5 for each video posted!

In this episode you will learn more about how Ninja for a Cure got started and how the community has grown together and rallied around this great organization.  You will also hear all about Maura’s experience on ANW season 8 and how the National Ninja League has been a great help in training her mental focus.

We challenge girls and women to not get stuck negatively comparing yourself to other people, or downplaying your own journey because you are jealous of somebody else’s. for all your ninja needs! Use code ninjababes for 15% off