Oct. 24, 2018

Ninjababes #17: Sarah Schoback

Ninjababes #17: Sarah Schoback

Raising Strong Girls, Northern Breeze, and Empowering Mindset

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Sarah Schoback is a gym owner, a mom, in inspiring leader, a ninja warrior, a dorky-dance creator... this woman does it all!  She explains in depth about experiences and perspectives of raising strong girls and teaching them to be proud of themselves and to pursue their dreams in life without limitations. Both Sarah, and Ninjababes host Cara Poalillo, discuss how to transform your own attitude both on and off the ninja course. Sarah shares of her experience on ANW10 and some fun tidbits about living in Minnesota.

New Ninjababes Mind & Body workshops happening this week (Oct 27, 28, and Nov 2) at Obstacle Academy in MN.  Check out the website for more info and sign up here!