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Ninjababes™ is thankful for all our amazing sponsors! We are passionate about partnerships that bring opportunity and mutual benefit. We share a special thank you for those that have sponsored in the past or are current partners.


Propello Life is an all-natural supplement and protein company.  This family-owned, USA company is focused on holistic health mind and body.

They have a variety of delicious products: whey and vegan proteins, amino acid blends, energy blends, pre-workout and more! 

You can support The Ninjababes Podcast and receive a 10% off discount and free shipping when you purchase with code NINJABABES.



Ever wish you had a great way to train while traveling? Duonamic is your solution! Their goal is to empower athletes to train anywhere!  They have created Eleviia, which is a portable pullup bar that clamps into a doorframe.  Not only are these clamps lightweight and easy to pack and bring virtually anywhere, but it is also incredibly easy to use.  Eleviia's partner in strength is their Powrhold grip trainers.  These adjustable holds are meant to be the perfect match for climbers on the go. Check it all out at www.duonamic.com.


Testimonial: Ninja Passport Podcast Sponsorship 

“It was a real pleasure to work with Cara and the Ninjababes team for one of our launch promotions last year. Not only did we get a high quality, cost-effective commercial that we still use on our website, we gained followers and the overall experience was top-notch. The ROI of a Ninjababes sponsorship is absolutely worth it! We look forward to additional promos with Ninjababes. Thanks, Cara!”

- Susan Tucker, Ninja Passport



Monstro Holds was started with one goal in mind: to create new and exciting products that test the limits of climbers, ninjas, crossfiters, or anyone looking to get stronger and more fit.  Partners Eric Totten and Lucio Batista have teamed together to use their expertise and creativity to make this innovative ninja holds company one of a kind.  Their holds challenge and strengthen ninjas of every level.  Besides the classic holds like bungees, nunchucks, and cannonballs, they make unique designs like the ultimate limit, slip chucks, ledge balls, and 3-in-1 peg graspers.  The types of custom holds that Monstro can concoct is limitless! Not to mention the one of a kind swirls of color they use in every pour that make their products unforgettable.  Monstro is willing to collaborate to produce whatever ninja-dream-hold you can imagine.  Check out their products at www.monstro.ninja and use code NINJABABES for 10% off your order.


Testimonial: Hiyah Protein Bars

"Working with Cara and the Ninjababes was an absolute joy. She and her team made the process as easy as a Sunday morning. We brainstormed about the commercial for my company and she took those parameters and ran with it. Not only did she create a world class commercial, but she made sure her community saw the benefits of my brand. I highly suggest working with Cara and the Ninjababes. Ninjababes for life! Hiyah!!!”