Enjoy this mini interview with Australian Ninja athlete. Olivia Vivian.  This is Aussie Ninjababe week!! 15% off with code ninjababes


Olivia Vivian has been competing as an Australian Ninja Warrior athlete since 2017. With only two years of experience in ninja thus far, her vast accomplishments speak loudly of her determined and passionate heart. This podcast interview took place at the 2018 National Ninja League Finals, after Olivia competed as the only woman on the Stage 2 course, earning a first-place NNL World Title. Olivia boldly attacks each ninja course, giving off the impression that she has trained ninja her whole life. However, we know that’s not the case. In this episode, Olivia shares her secret to ninja success: self-belief.

Ninjababes defines self-belief as confidently encompassing the inner truth that you are in control of the direction of your thoughts and actions to reach what you define as your goals, passions,...



maura sherman podcast Sep 16, 2020

Maura Sherman, together with her boyfriend Henry Ferrarin, founded the nonprofit Ninja for a Cure.  The new Ninja for a Cure 2.0 shirts are out! Make sure you pick up a new one and post your video! Ninja for a Cure donates $15 for every shirt sold and an additional $5 for each video posted!

In this episode you will learn more about how Ninja for a Cure got started and how the community has grown together and rallied around this great organization.  You will also hear all about Maura’s experience on ANW season 8 and how the National Ninja League has been a great help in training her mental focus.

We challenge girls and women to not get stuck negatively comparing yourself to other people, or downplaying your own journey because you are jealous of somebody else’s.




ginny maccoll podcast Sep 16, 2020

Ginny MacColl is full of wisdom from her wide range of life experiences. She performed on Broadway and acted in dozens of commercials before moving out to the woods of the Pocono Mountains with her daughter, Jessie Graff, and son Darren.  Ginny explains why women are strong and how important it is to be strong-minded and self-sufficient.

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jessie graff podcast Sep 16, 2020

Be strong, be you, be a ninjababe. This episode is loaded with Jessie Graff goodness! She shares advice, exclusive stories, insights, and the newest game she's into, the #veggiechallenge. It is amazing to hear Jessie talk about breaking down misconceptions about women and their strength and ability, and to get deeper insight into the inner workings of this mastermind's brain. 

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podcast tee jackson Sep 16, 2020

Have you ever met one of those girls who is just crushing it at life? She is confident, strong, and doesn't waste time with negativity.  She is a ninjababe and she is you. 

This episode shares the story of Tee Jackson, a spunky, energetic Ninja who is full of life and adventure. Tee is from Wilmington, NC and has a super exciting 11 month trip around the world coming up for 2018.  You can follow her adventures and check out all the details of her trip at 

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Don't miss the first episode of 2018 with Jessie Graff!




maggi thorne podcast Sep 16, 2020

The Ninjababes is a fearless group of ninja women athletes who encourage and empower other women.  They are awesome ladies who are strong and determined and inspire their friends to build their own passion and self-confidence for obstacle course training and for life! 

This episode features an interview with Maggi Thorne.  You will hear all about her personal journey with ninja and what projects she is working on now.  You'll also hear me rant a little bit about Thanksgiving and pies and talk about some great places to score gifts for your friends for the holidays. use code ninjababe for 20% off for all the ninjababe apparel and the most awesome 'POWER TO THE NINJABABES' tote bag 

You make this community great! Never forget that you are valued and a vital part to our ninja journey together.  Crush it this week on the course!




jessica efert podcast Sep 16, 2020

Have you ever met one of those girls who is just crushing it at life? She is confident, strong, and doesn’t waste time with negativity.  She is a ninjababe and she is you. 

This episode shares all about what it means to be a Ninjababe and we hear from one awesome woman in particular, Jessica Ebert.  Jessica is a mom of 3 and a crossfit junkie.  She shares her ninja experience from ANW 9 in Cleveland, and her inspirations of how to prioritize your life and dominate everything you set your mind to.  




michelle warnky podcast Sep 16, 2020

Welcome to the first full length episode of the Ninjababes Podcast! This episode features an interview with Michelle Warnky. She shares her experience competing in ninja, and the life events and experiences that led her to where she is now as an athlete, business owner, and adventurer.

Michelle also shares about a special trip she is embarking on with a group of ninjas in partnership with the organization World Orphans. You can be a part of supporting her and the team financially by purchasing a ninjashirt. 75% of the profits from shirt sales will go to funding the trip! Or you can give directly here.

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