Lindsey and Scott Behrends share with Cara about the excitement, struggles, and adventure of raising ninja kids, owning a ninja gym, and taking like day by day.  We share about what it looks like to show kids how to treat others with respect and equality, and how ninja has been a tool in that. Then we talk about the power and influence your words and thoughts have on your own life and those around you.  

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podcast sara heesen Sep 18, 2020

Sara and Cara share their memories from testing for American Ninja Warrior, and the rush they got from being on set and running the obstacles. Then Sara shares how set-backs she experienced have made her stronger and how they have forced her to hone in on her mental strength. These girls discuss strategies for combating depressed thoughts, especially when related to injury or sickness, and how they have both overcome tough circumstances in recent years.  


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addie wales podcast Sep 18, 2020

Bring some yoga zen to your ninja training!  Addie Wales is a yoga teacher and a ninja.  She shares how yoga can be a benefit to ninja warrior by pacing your breathing, helping you to find your inner calm, and training your balance. 

Practice breathing with Addie and Cara, and check out the "5 Yoga Moves for Shoulder Mobility" video on The Ninjababes Youtube channel:  Shoulder Mobility Practice

After discovering yoga as a major stress reliever in college, Addie decided to pursue her passion at the next level by earning her 500-hour yoga training certification, following her initial 200-hour certification. Yoga encourages Addie to slow down during the day so that she speeds up progress in other areas of life, such as ninja. She advocates controlling your breath to establish a positive mindset that’s necessary to your goals.

Yoga isn’t just about stretching; it’s about mindset.

Our mindset, sets up for success in ninja warrior and in life....



alex katz podcast Sep 18, 2020

Today we talk with the director of the ninja non profit, Neighborhood Ninjas, Alex Katz. She shares all about what this incredible organization does and how you can get involved! Ninjababes and Neighborhood Ninjas started around the same time last year, so we reminisce on the sequence of events of how we met and how our groups transpired.  

Find out more about Neighborhood Ninjas here:



podcast zhanique lovett Sep 18, 2020

Listen to the life of Zhanique Lovett and hear all about her perspectives as a personal trainer and a body confident woman. We talk about goal setting and how to get started in training whether you are far from fit or already an avid gym-goer.

Cara and Zhanique share their history with disordered eating and body image, how they over came it, and how they see themselves now. for healthy and mega tasty vegan and whey protein bars.

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Athletes driven by self motivation are absolutely incredible to watch on the ninja course. Zhanique Lovett is one of these awe-inspiring athletes, because she competes with her whole heart. American Ninja Warrior Season 9 was her breakthrough rookie season. In this season, she proved to herself that a dream she thought was impossible, could actually become reality by training her hardest and having faith in her abilities. Since there were no ninja gyms by her at the time and she...



podcast sarah schoback Sep 18, 2020

Sarah Schoback is a gym owner, a mom, in inspiring leader, a ninja warrior, a dorky-dance creator... this woman does it all!  She explains in depth about experiences and perspectives of raising strong girls and teaching them to be proud of themselves and to pursue their dreams in life without limitations. Both Sarah, and Ninjababes host Cara Poalillo, discuss how to transform your own attitude both on and off the ninja course. Sarah shares of her experience on ANW10 and some fun tidbits about living in Minnesota.

New Ninjababes Mind & Body workshops happening this week (Oct 27, 28, and Nov 2) at Obstacle Academy in MN.  Check out the website for more info and sign up here!

Sarah Schoback, the Ninja of the North, has blown into The Ninjababes Podcast on the Northern Breeze: her signature dance. American Ninja Warrior season 9 and 10, Team Ninja Warrior season 2, Ninja vs Ninja, NNL World Finals, and 2016 and 2017 OCR World Championships, are a few of the places...



podcast rachael goldstein Sep 18, 2020

Rachael Goldstein shares with us all about her experience on ANW and how she got her mind in the right place to not only have a competitive season, but have fun and relax in the process.  We also talk in depth about how to deal with gnarly ninja rips on your hands and our process for self-care and healing, and brands we love like Climb-On and Orbital Climbing’s Boulder Balm.  Plus, we share our love for health food stores and our favorite brands of protein bars, like Rachael’s favorite right now, Rise Bars.



abby clark podcast Sep 16, 2020

Abby Clark and Ninjababes host, Cara Poalillo, dive deep into what it means to be competition-ready for ninja. These ladies answer a lot of listener questions regarding National Ninja League, competing, and mental toughness in competition.  Abby also shares her insights about transitioning from gymnastics to ninja and the negative judgment she dealt with early on in her athletic career as a "short" individual.  Tune in to laugh, be inspired, and kick it with your girls Abby and Cara.

The Ride Against Suicide:

Abby Clark dominated the American Ninja Warrior Season 10 course this year, setting the bar high with a buzzer in Minneapolis on qualifying night. With fire in her eyes and perseverance in her movement, Abby is a competitor I will never forget watching. She attacked the course in the way I dreamed of doing. After a life-long journey in gymnastics and track leading to a collegiate career in both, her new...



natalie duran podcast Sep 16, 2020

Natalie shares all the in and outs of her life's adventures.  This girl has all the fun; she rides motorcycles, flies planes, and climbs all the things. Tune in to listen to Natalie and I talk about what it means to get through failure and expectations from others, plus our take on relationships at this time in our lives.  Learn the secrets of Natalie's upbeat attitude and what truly makes her tick.  

Living life on purpose means exploring with intentionality. Ninja Warrior athlete, Natalie Duran, found the key to personal happiness: purposefully following adventure. Her adventurous spirit flashed through countless Ninja Warrior courses: American Ninja Warrior seasons 5, 8, 9, 10 and Ninja vs Ninja season 1 and 2. With a degree in neuroscience from UCLA, this ninja studies the world inside and out. However, Natalie shares...




Jennifer Tavernier is a personal trainer, American Ninja Warrior, and creator of the MinneNinja App.  This woman is unstoppable; even though she has suffered from numerous concussions, she has learned to still succeed at following her dreams while helping her body recover from injury.  She has an intriguing story about finding her own passions and letting those lead her to a beautiful life of being a mom, athlete, entrepreneur, trainer, and dreamer. 15% off with code: ninjababes

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