emerson muise Oct 01, 2021

Emerson’s first exposure to ninja was when she had her 11th birthday party at a ninja gym, and she was instantly hooked. Inspired by the likes of Jessie Labreck and Kacy Catanzaro, she’s been training consistently for the last two years and was selected for ANW junior this year. 

Her ninja name is Food is Fuel: which has been her motto since her struggle with anorexia. Emerson battled her eating disorder for a year. She felt alone. She felt that nobody understood. She had no energy, which made training increasingly difficult. She started her recovery process in January of 2021, and in February, ANW Junior announced another season, and she used that as motivation to get healthy so she could compete and share her story. Once she got the call, she was even more motivated. Without ANW, Emerson would not have felt the push to recover, and that, coupled with support from her coaches, has helped her through her recovery journey. 

Eating disorders are still taboo, especially among athletes, and ninja is no different. Emerson wants to end the stigma and open the dialogue to encourage the ninja community to talk about eating disorders more openly, and encourage healthy attitudes about food (because food is fuel!). 

Emerson’s episode is going to be a springboard to jump into a deeper discussion. How do you have a healthy framework for eating, training, and working out? How can you maintain a healthy body image? We’re going to be following up Emerson’s story by examining some of these pervasive issues.

As a reminder to all of our listeners out there who may be struggling: everyone’s recovery path is different.

If you or someone you know needs help, visit the National Eating Disorders Association.


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