Ninjababes is a dynamic outlet to further unify and support the ninja warrior community.

Our mission is to cultivate a community that champions mental and physical strength, ninja skills, and encouragement that is inclusive to all.  We challenge women ninja athletes to step outside of fear and push out of their own comfort zone in order to build new courage and strength within themselves and each other.

Ninjababes aims to:

  • Unify female ninja warrior athletes to build strong community, support, and camaraderie.
  • Provide a safe place for women to build their self-confidence through mental, emotional, and physical practices without fear or judgment or exclusion.
  • Provide an outlet for ninja warrior men to show their support for ninja warrior women through equality, respect, and empowerment.
  • Provide training groups for women that challenge, motivate, and strengthen both their physical and mental capabilities.
  • Empower girls and women to challenge themselves to do physical and mental feats that they previously deemed impossible, and to squash out fear that would have previously held them back.


Cara Poalillo, the founder of Ninjababes, has always had a strong drive to encourage and uplift the women around her.  She is from Maywood, NJ and competed on American Ninja Warrior season 10 in Philadelphia and season 11 in Baltimore. She started ninja training in fall 2016 and was blown away by the positive camaraderie and happy vibes that ninjas naturally surround themselves with and felt right at home. Cara felt a passion to find creative ways to encourage ninja athletes on a deeper level.

More about Cara

Kristi Cooke

Kristi Cooke is the designer for the Ninjababes logo and all clothing and product designs.

She is a UX designer who loves to collaborate & create logos, branding, and websites for others.

Kristi spends her time climbing, doing ninja, exploring, learning, and creating. 


Janelle Kopa

Janelle Kopa is the writer of the Ninjababes blog page. 

Janelle is a 1st grade teacher in Minnesota.  She is a lover of writing, exploring, and doing handstands everywhere.

Shelle Edge

Shelle brings with her a combination of Ninja Warrior experience, both coaching and competing, as well as experience in Marketing & Graphic Design to the position of Social Media Manager.

Shelle is a competitive ninja and is the Gym Operations Manager at her local ninja gym where she coaches all ages, both recreation and competitive. As a past Physical Education teacher and current Personal Trainer, her main focus has always been on building the confidence and self-esteem of teen girls through physical activity. As the founder of the teen program, Ninja FIT (Fearless Independent Teens) at her gym, her passion and goal is to help other ninja gyms launch successful programming for teens who have not yet found their place in other class settings.

Mary Leighton

Mary Leighton is a contributor to the Ninjababes podcast and loves all things Ninjababes! Mary recently graduated with a masters degree in business leadership, and works full time as a quality supervisor. Mary is passionate about seeing women empowered and able to live at their fullest potential, both on and off the course.


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