Cara Poalillo, the founder of Ninjababes, has always had a strong drive to encourage and uplift the women around her.  She is from Maywood, NJ and competed on American Ninja Warrior season 10 in Philadelphia and season 11 in Baltimore. She started ninja training in fall 2016 and was blown away by the positive camaraderie and happy vibes that ninjas naturally surround themselves with and felt right at home. Cara felt a passion to find creative ways to encourage ninja athletes on a deeper level.

At that time there were four ninjas who were especially influential in driving Cara to spread this encouragement even further.  These women, Chelsea Cronin, Danielle Bonomo, and Jane Greenebaum, along with Cara always made it a point to go above and beyond in supporting one another and started using the name "ninjababe" for each other. These girls and their shared encouragement deeply impacted Cara to want to take this support to a global level, and thus, 'Ninjababes' was born.



As a mindset coach, Cara's mission is to help, encourage, and create with her clients, all through the life-changing work of transforming their mindset.

Cara has worked for 9 years as an American Sign Language Interpreter. She aims to understand what people mean, and help digest that information into a visual language. Cara is a processor, taking messages and digesting them into the language for someone else. 

Cara's experience on ANW has allowed her to become an elite athlete, well-versed in the skills of perseverance and hard work, it has also allowed her to connect with and inspire countless women, men, and kids to take on new and exciting challenges.



Through mindset coaching, Cara helps to direct thoughts, uncover passions, realize potential. 

Her main goal is to creatively encourage those who give her the space to do so in their lives, through the outlets of the podcast, online teachings, youtube videos, 1:1 coaching, and mindset training. 



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